Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

Are you out of room on your system disc and hoping to improve computer performance by switching to a bigger hard drive or a certain new SSD? Or do you intend to back up the numerous licensed software and settings of your customized system in order to guard against unplanned system crashes?

Using disc cloning software to copy your operating system to an HDD or SSD is one of the best ways to accomplish your task to clone your operating system. You can accomplish this for your PC with the aid of Norm’s Computer Services.

You might wish to clone your hard disc for a number of reasons. You might wish to switch from a 500GB to a 2TB hard disc if you need more storage. Alternately, you might be interested in upgrading your traditional hard drive to a solid-state drive in order to improve the performance of your PC.

How to clone your hard drive?

Actually, cloning a hard disc is a simple procedure. To ensure you do it correctly, there are a few things to do. This is how it goes.

  1. Boot up 3rd-party software

System Image is included in Windows 10 to assist with hard drive transfers. You cannot use System Image to copy hard disc partitions; it only functions when you are copying your entire hard drive to a certain larger hard drive. 

Additionally, a technique known as imaging is used, which differs from your hard drive cloning in a number of ways. In the beginning, it produces a backup drive as opposed to a 1-to-1 copy.

  1. Start your cloning process

Choose your primary hard drive, sometimes referred to as the “Source disc.”

Next, choose the “Destination disc,” a fresh hard drive that you will use for the clone.

Based on your drive size, the operation can take several hours. Your PC must have enough power to complete the cloning operation without any problems. Be cautious to wait until the cloning procedure is finished before turning off your device.

  1. Finish your cloning process

Click “Finish” for wrapping up the procedure once it is finished. The partitions on your new hard drive can, however, be resized before it is finished.

  1. Connect your new hard drive

You must manually swap out your new hard disc after you have copied your data to it. To accomplish this, first, open your laptop/desktop, then insert your new drive into the available hard drive slot.

  1. Make the new hard drive bootable

Changing the hard disc’s boot priority is the last step for successfully cloning. This enables Windows to launch from the newly cloned hard disc directly and makes the newly cloned hard drive the primary drive.

For changing the boot priority on the system:

  • Restart the PC
  • Press your F2 key on start-up to enter your BIOS
  • Select your new hard disc as your first boot device once the BIOS has loaded by going to the boot choice.
  • Press your F10 key for saving changes
  • Exit

You should have a hard drive now that has been successfully cloned if you have followed this procedure exactly.

By BusyFox